Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Retired Greyhound, II

            This past week, we had to read a couple of poems about dogs in class. One of the poems that stuck out was Retired Greyhound, II. The poem gives the perspective of a dog. The dog talks about how he was abused to the point where an animal loses his trust in humans. He describes his horrible ordeal by saying his fear of raised hands and deep men’s voices. Then, the poem switches directions. The dog talks about his unlikely owner. His owner was attacked by a dog many years ago. She has scars around her eyes. What makes this poem so unique is that this owner and dog would have never been pictured together. They are supposed to be scared of each other, but they prove their fears wrong. They rebel against the stereotype that the world has placed on them. This poem tells the reader that they can step out of their fears and do what people least expect. They do not have to be pinned down by the past. They can move ahead to the future without fear.

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